Monday, October 22, 2012

i decided i also want to include this picture to indicate this is where i am in life. and i sometimes say, how did i end up here? but that doesn't matter because however it happened, and i mostly know how, i'm glad it did. isulong! i'm experimenting with photo post blogging thing. :) yeah!

it's still 2012! and i am figuring out how i got here!

2012 is not quite over and i made it back on here. i said i wouldn't till next year and ha!  here i am. that's all. since i don't really know how to weblog and don't really know what to say yet, or also i just need to get to bed cause i'm sick, i'll allow this entry to count. cause it does. and no one else decides here but me. :) finding my writing voice, dice.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

how did it end up 2012???

i think this blog will end up being about how IRRegularly i post. so on that note, till next year! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

how did it end up 2011?

i was on point with that see you next year bit on my last blog post hwa hwa. it's over a year now and i can definitely say that hella shit has happened since then. but it's all good, today i find myself drenched in sweat in dapa, my father's hometown on siargao island in surigao del sur, which can be found in mindanao, the southern grouping of islands in the philippines. sheesh that took a long time to describe. it's so hot. and how beautiful here. it's hard not to romanticize the idea of just poppin a squat here at my aunt's guesthouse and escaping to learn tagalog and my family's dialect surigaonon and learn to surf and swim in General Luna for awhile. but alas, my fil-am new yorker self is a realist as well. that would only last me so long. but all things deserve a chance i think!

Friday, April 16, 2010

oh oh oh

burst of inspiration! so quick and perhaps ephemeral. here it is, my momentary inspired moment is this:

i had a great brunch with val today, where we discussed the malaise of undermotivation to do yo thang whatever it is. is it a dark place? mine doesn't feel dark- it's definitely nebulous, convoluted, mushy, covered in stuff... but perhaps i can attempt discipline here! i can blog away, every day, and post things and unclutter my brain on a blog that no one will read! brilliance, i say, brilliance!

so there it is. a moment. and alas it has passed.

see you next year!

ha ha ha

i was invited to a blog today and realized uh, i haven't posted on mine. so here's a post. there we go. this one counts fo sho don't it?

Friday, February 27, 2009

dang i missed january and so close to missing february

i'm sitting here with a face mask on thinking, how do i let time pass me by? no post in january and shoot, another day and february would be gone. but let me explain. it's like this, work three jobs, have two roles under each, have lots of great friends and waste time online and presto, another day gone by. but it's all good, i could think of worse ways to spend one's time. i love the work i do. and i love the people in my life. and i love my home. and to boot, i can clean up pretty good too. so. all in all, time is passing in a good way and rather than it pass me by, i reckon i'm living every minute that passes. see you next month!