Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i heart staycationing... hustling and flowing for myself

day three of four days of doing for me. "staycation" is such a silly word but brilliant too actually. see, i would probably normally call this puttering, but it's turned out to be just what i needed after a summer of double jobbing all over the place. so i'm tired, and have been tired but now i'm starting to feel refreshed as things either fall into place or are getting put into their places. so, tomorrow is one more day and then back to work, sort of. studio is almost there and brain is continuing to percolate ideas... chomping chomping chomping...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the flow?

where did the summer go? haven't gone to the beach once. lovely nyc and it's lovely beaches and not once. but alas, i spent the summer dipping brushes into lovely pots of beautiful colors to paint a mural that is sure to bedazzle the eyes for those that make it down to sunset park. it was no easy feat, but dear purple team co-queen aerin and i pulled it off. well almost... tomorrow will be the third attempt at finishing it, for real... friday we clear outta there and then the following friday the 29th will be the grand day of celebrating it in all its glory. hurrah to a productive summer!