Sunday, December 14, 2008

the december post?

so i guess this is what it's come down to. a monthly post. mostly because of all the hustlin' and flowin'. still learning to flow, it's sometimes chaos this life, but i gotta live it like it's golden. today i did a craft sale, and fortunately sold a buncha shit, but it's an interesting process to be workin' toward something instead of just going through the motions of it all. i have a hard time being all i wanna be over here. and i'm involved in so much it can get too busy. ugh. this is starting to look like some kinda crappy journal entry over here. i'm bloggin why again? i think i had something to say. i will keep at it till it becomes more of what i want and if for now that means some boring monthly posts, let it be. i will keep working at it, and keep doing it. that's all i'm learning these days. i gotta do. gotta do me.