Friday, June 24, 2011

how did it end up 2011?

i was on point with that see you next year bit on my last blog post hwa hwa. it's over a year now and i can definitely say that hella shit has happened since then. but it's all good, today i find myself drenched in sweat in dapa, my father's hometown on siargao island in surigao del sur, which can be found in mindanao, the southern grouping of islands in the philippines. sheesh that took a long time to describe. it's so hot. and how beautiful here. it's hard not to romanticize the idea of just poppin a squat here at my aunt's guesthouse and escaping to learn tagalog and my family's dialect surigaonon and learn to surf and swim in General Luna for awhile. but alas, my fil-am new yorker self is a realist as well. that would only last me so long. but all things deserve a chance i think!