Friday, April 16, 2010

oh oh oh

burst of inspiration! so quick and perhaps ephemeral. here it is, my momentary inspired moment is this:

i had a great brunch with val today, where we discussed the malaise of undermotivation to do yo thang whatever it is. is it a dark place? mine doesn't feel dark- it's definitely nebulous, convoluted, mushy, covered in stuff... but perhaps i can attempt discipline here! i can blog away, every day, and post things and unclutter my brain on a blog that no one will read! brilliance, i say, brilliance!

so there it is. a moment. and alas it has passed.

see you next year!

ha ha ha

i was invited to a blog today and realized uh, i haven't posted on mine. so here's a post. there we go. this one counts fo sho don't it?